Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Welcome to my classroom!

My name is Leah. I teach 6th grade science at an all-girls private school. This is my seventh year teaching, and I absolutely love it! I decided to start a blog as a way to record my reflections, express my frustrations, and pass along helpful hints to my colleagues and teacher friends, both past and present! To start things off, I thought I would give you a tour of my room. Enjoy!

First, my room is expansive. I realize and appreciate this characteristic every day I come to school. It may actually be the largest classroom in the middle school (if not the entire school), and was the final selling point for my decision to come teach here.

On one side are the student tables which face the whiteboard and digital projector. On the other are the lab tables, sinks and storage cabinets. There is also a student center, a rolling demonstration cart (complete with sink and power outlet), a massive bookshelf, two standing glass-front cabinets, a refrigerator, filing cabinet and a fantastic L-shaped teacher desk. It is truly a science teacher's dream come true!!

This classroom (by it's geography alone) has allowed me and inspired me to create dynamic, student-centered lessons and laboratory exercises that I have never been able to do before in my teaching career. The girls can get up and move around, migrate through stations, work in pairs, work in groups, all without leaving the room!

(Oh, and by the way, don't worry. These pictures were taken at the start of the school year. I WISH my room was still that neat and orderly right now!)

Also, be on the lookout for more details and photos from my classroom. Perhaps they will give you ideas for organization or time/space management in your own room!


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