Thursday, January 5, 2012

A bad day

It is thoroughly disheartening to realize that you can spend sixty minutes doing a great hands-on laboratory activity and then at the end of those sixty minutes your students don't leave with anything more than they came in with.

"But they are getting their hands dirty," you reason. "They are having much more fun than if I was just standing up in front of the room blabbing on about something."

THAT has got to count for something, doesn't it?

Yet, a word keeps rattling around in your head.
Relevance. Relevance. RELEVANCE!

These girls need to be walking out of my room on a daily basis with more skills, more practice, or more experience than they walked in with. Otherwise I am not doing my job.

Today was just a very bad day.

Am I making the girls guess what it is they should be learning about in my class? Have I lost track of my daily objectives? Of course *I* know what they are. I'm the one teaching. But I think I've forgotten to make sure the girls are clear on them. (*Smacking palm on forehead repeatedly*)

I need to investigate the whole "exit card" system that some teachers use. And I need to get back to posting the objectives on the board for the girls.

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